Win with AI at your side


Win with AI at your side

Soccer Analysis

ZEGARA delivers a soccer analysis service that you can use easily and cost-friendly. We’ve reduced the cost of soccer AI-based services by using the latest generation of artificial intelligence. You can install ZEGARA equipment and use live or 24 hours services, or you can upload your fixed 4k video and use our 48 hours services. Also, you can use our broadcast service for analysis of the soccer matches that you can find them on internet and published them by using our powerful video tools.


AI-based Services

By using artificial intelligence, you can collect each KPI’s in each frame of videos. Some companies deliver their soccer analysis services based on below methodes

  • GPS: By using GPS technologies you only have access to your players fitness data and you lose too much data so you cannot calculate a lot of KPIs.
  • Manual Methods: In every 90 minutes of the soccer match, you have about 140,000 frames. If you want to identify all player positions you have to identify about 6,000,000 data manually per each match and It’s impossible.At it’s best you can identify the positions of players in every 2, 3 or 5 seconds. So you lose too much data and you cannot calculate a lot of KPIs.


By using the new generation of artificial intelligence as a semi-automated system we have reduced the cost of this powerful tool for every club or coach. This approach creates new opportunities for medium and small clubs to use AI-based technologies that they could not use before.

Live, 24 Hours & 48 Hours Services

ZEGARA delivers the live cloud-based service with only 10 minutes latency. But if the cost of the live service is above your budget, you can use our 24 hours service.
By using the 48 hours service, you can get the analysis based on your recorded video and you don’t need to install any special equipment.

API Services

If you have access to player’s positions and other match data, you can use our AI-based analysis in real-time by connecting through API.

Broadcast Services

We deliver two types of broadcast services consist of:

  • Broadcasting: we deliver amazing video tools that you can use them for broadcasting in real-time
  • Broadcast analysis: ZEGARA delivers the special service for analyzing your next opponent when you have access only to their broadcasted video of their match.

Report On Video

ZEGARA delivers video tools to help coaches to match the data and the soccer match video. Some companies generate too much data and charts. Without practical video tools, you cannot trust and understand the generated data at all.


We deliver all soccer analysis features that you can think of.

Match Summary

  • Goals/Assists
  • Total fouls/offsides/cards
  • Total shots/saves/pass/tackles…
  • The total distance of walking/jogging/running/HIA/sprint
  • Possessions
  • Phases of play segmentation
  • Other important tables and charts

Player Actions

  • Passes consist of normal/long/through ball/throw-in/key passes…
  • Challenges consist of Dribble/Dribbled/Foal/Foaled…
  • Shots consist of on-target/off-target/blocked…
  • Defensive actions consist of tackle/block/interceptioin/Clearance/save…
  • Mistakes consist of own goal/lead to shot/cards/big chance missing …

Fitness Data

  • Player speed consists of walking/jogging/running…
  • Player recovery time/acceleration/stamina/pressure…
  • Heatmaps and other important chats and tables

Tactics Analysis

  • Team shapes consist of depth/width/density/…
  • Team defensive phases analysis consists of set-play/deep defense/high press/negative transition/counter-press …
  • Team attacking phases analysis consists of set-play/build-up/positive transition/counter-attack/final third…
  • Geometrical influence of defensive actions consists of adding and eliminating of teammate/adding and eliminating of the opponent
  • Geometrical influence of offensive actions consists of adding and eliminating of teammate/adding and eliminating of the opponent
  • Player possession territory based on successful action/positions…

Video Tools

  • Video player consists of play/stop/fast forward/slow motion …
  • Drawing tools consist of line/ploygon/footprint/…
  • Text tools consist of distance/area/speed …
  • Radar tools that you can see all data on it
  • Event filtration, selection, and display tools for players/actions/time/phases of play …
  • Other amazing tools


  • Focus and zooming tools on each player actions and movements
  • Sharing comments, voices and video recordings with marking and drawing tools
  • Player and team progress charts and tables
  • Broadcasted video analysis tools

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Win with AI at your side